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Welcome to Confessions of a Memoir Addict! I am so glad you’ve landed on this page.

My name is Carrie Faith Taylor and I’m a memoir addict. While I have always loved reading, I started to find myself increasingly drawn to the true stories of people who have lived through extraordinary things. I still enjoy fiction, but reading a story when I know it’s true is so much more interesting.

About Me

Outside of reading, I am seeking ordination into the Church of the Nazarene and working toward fulfilling my educational requirements to become a hospice chaplain. I also work part time at Mount Vernon Nazarene University as the yearbook manager.

I have been married for over four years to my husband, Grant. We enjoy shopping and going to the movies together (although he is more of the shopper than I am). We have no children or pets, but we do have a cactus and a mint plant, both of which I managed to kill.

While reading is one of my biggest passions, I also enjoy anything artistic. I have been knitting since I was eleven. There was a time I wouldn’t go anywhere without my knitting needles. And while that is still true to an extent, I find it more an activity for relaxation than a compulsion. I have also added to my crafty hobbies crochet (thanks to Grant), scrapbooking, and adult coloring. If it’s colorful, I will probably want to do it.

About the Blog

Confessions of a Memoir Addict is not like a traditional book review blog. In fact, I am very hesitant to even use the word “review,” since I like to think about my posts as my public journey through the books I read weekly.

It is my belief that the type of people who tend to gravitate toward memoirs are the type of people who also like information. Every Monday I will have a book review. Fridays will have special content like guest posts, extra reviews, and reading-related posts. Because of that belief that those who love to read love information, though, I will occasionally have Thursday posts that relate to the book I reviewed on Monday. Those may be a brief look at a foundation created by the author, or perhaps a fun list of things inspired by the book. Since not all memoirs naturally lead to this extra Thursday content, some Thursdays may not have posts or may have an extra book review in their place.

Although my exact schedule is not published, you can depend on that basic structure. You can follow me on Facebook at @ConfessionsofaMemoirAddict to get the latest news. I will also post what I am reading, so you may choose to read along with me before the week’s post is published.

Thank you again for being here. I hope you enjoy what you find. Happy reading!