Discussion Topic: What Format do You Prefer to Read?

Books are readily available to use in a number of formats. However, all of us have a preference when it comes to how we read our favorite books.

What format do you prefer to use when reading? Some formats are:

  • Hardcover Print: These books are nice because they are sturdy. New release books are often easy to find in hardcover copies. Unfortunately, they are often more expensive because of the material cost.
  • Paperback Print: These books are lighter and easy to read. One disadvantage is that sometimes the binding makes them difficult to hold open.
  • Kindle eBooks: These books are available digitally and can be read on a phone, computer, or Kindle. They are convenient because they use very little space. Unfortunately a dead battery can leave you without your reading material when reading an eBook. The use of a digital book can also cause additional eye strain.
  • Other eBooks: Books not available through Amazon’s Kindle app provide extra reading opportunities. However, sometimes these prove to have formatting issues.

Personally, I prefer Kindle eBooks, as I am able to get them at a price that is competitive to paperback books. At the rate that I read, I am also able to have multiple books with me at all times, allowing me to start a new book right after finishing another.

What format do you prefer to read? Do you read multiple formats? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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