Discussion Topic: What Type of Memoirs Do You Read?

While you have probably landed on this blog because you like to read memoirs, or at the very least like to read, I would love to find out a little more about what kind of memoirs you like to read. On the blog, I divide memoirs into the following categories:

  • Addiction & Abuse – This can include any kind of addiction. As for the abuse part, it includes all types of abuse and tends to include stories of cult-like abuse of power.
  • Grief & Loss – These are the memoirs about people who have lost spouses, children, siblings, etc. Yet they still find the strength to move on and do great things.
  • History – These tend to be less “memoirs” and more “biographies,” but I still like to include them for variety. They are the stories of those who lived in a time and culture different than our own.
  • Hollywood – While these are primarily memoirs about people famous for being in Hollywood (obviously), they may also include people famous for being famous.
  • Illness & Survival – These memoirs include those who have or have loved those with serious illnesses. They also include those who have survived impossible situations.
  • Poverty – Memoirs in this category are about those who grew up in or spent time working with those in extreme poverty.
  • True Crime – These memoirs are about crime, the criminals who commit them, and those who manage to survive their ordeals.

I gravitate toward true crime memoirs. I’m not sure what it is about them, but they’ve always fascinated me. And unless they have some element of another category, Hollywood memoirs tend not to interest me. Whenever I find myself reading one, I find it takes longer to read because of my disinterest.

What type of memoirs do you read? Do you read a little of everything or do you stick to one kind?

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3 thoughts on “Discussion Topic: What Type of Memoirs Do You Read?”

  1. Survival stories, definitely! Not only does it make you feel good that somebody overcame the odds and survived, chances are you can learn something that just may save your own life someday.

    1. Great point! I can think of a few things I learned from some of the survival stories I’ve read. I hope I don’t need to use that information, but it is information that is good to know!

  2. I agree about the Hollywood stories. They kind of bore me, especially if the celebrity isn’t close to my own age.

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